Are you looking for something special for your christmas party?


Are you looking for entertainment at your Christmas party? Do you want something highly entertaining, something unique, something that will lift the atmosphere and leave everybody ready to dance, party and have a good time? Well look no further!

Energy Entertainments have Christmas party ideas for you. High-energy fire shows that will lift the energy of your christmas party. Look through our fire shows page to choose a show or create your own show with various performers and your own theme. 

All performers are fully insured with $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and hold a 100% safety record. Energy Entertainments have performed in 5 star hotels and venues around the world and guarantee a safe, professional and extremely entertaining performance.

Please take the time to watch our videos on our youtube page here to watch other shows we have created. 

Let Energy Entertainments create a unique show that will leave your christmas party being talked about way after the new year. 

Visit our fire show page here and choose from a 3 person tribal fire show, a duo male and female performance combining power and grace or a high energy solo performance to captivating music? 

Christmas party ideas? We have the solution!

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