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Join Neal Webb (professional fire performer) on a journey to find the heart of fire dancing on Polynesian lands. Neal visited the Hawaiian Islands in search of finding the Heart of Polynesian Fireknife Warriors and witness the World Fireknife championships but what he found was so much deeper than he ever expected!


Fireknife Competition


The ‘Heart of Fire’ is an independent documentary created by 3 friends who held local events in their home town to raise money for the documentary. After a year of post production the documentary ‘Heart of Fire’ is ready to hit the screens. Below is a highlights video of one of the events held to raise the money.


Polynesian cultural centre documentary


Host Neal Webb shares his experiences with World Fireknife Champion Mikaele Oloa and his family through the competition. Neal joins a cultural show with the family at a resort on the North Shores of Hawaii. Neal also visits various Polynesian cultures to learn what it takes to become a true Polynesian Fireknife Champion.


Little Ninja Party

A Polynesian warrior must have strength and agility, able to stay focused and in control of a raging fire attached to a knife. They need an understanding of what their ancestors went through to protect the lands they lived upon and how they fought for their lands in times of colonisation. Only then will they have what it takes to be a Fireknife Champion!


Fire Twirling Documentary


Host – Neal Webb from Energy Entertainments, Mikaele Oloa, 2016 World Fireknife Champion, Isitolo Oloa father of Mikaele, all of the Maugu Mu Fireknife Club Polynesian Warriors. Cultural leaders from the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii, Polynesian elders, judges, children and so much more!



Men are not the only warriors to compete in the championships, females also compete for their own title. There is a children’s competition and host Neal Webb talks to the parents about the emotion of watching their little warriors dancing with fire.


World fireknife championships



Heart of Fire behind the scenes


Fireknife documentary

Documentary Film – Polynesian Fireknife Championships Hawaii

Created by – Energy Entertainments | Filmsco Film Making | Sounds in Nature

Neal Webb | Elijah Cavanagh | Gabrielle Fry

The Heart of Fire team are ready to share their experience with the World.

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Documentary Fireknife

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