Dancing In An Atom

The original Energy Entertainments founders Neal Webb and Adam Mahmoud who formed the company in 2008 in Ibiza Spain, came together in Australia to perform at the Swell Sculpture Festival in September.

Asked by Michael Martin an amazing film maker to create a video inside one of the most incredible Sculptures the festival has ever seen, named the ‘Sea Ball’ which was designed by John Wilson of the Dust Temple – Hinge Gallery and built by Om Engineering, Miami.

This atom shaped steel structure was the perfect platform to perform inside, under and on top. Energy Entertainments love to combine their fire art with other artists and when we can play in something this cool there is no holding back!

The awesome soundtrack for the video ‘Wheels’ is from the album ‘Things you’ve been thinking of for years’ by Mano’s Daughter an inspiring band from the UK.

Fire twirling Fire dancing Fire Entertainment Fire spinning Fire art, whatever you want to call it, its on the Gold Coast and can be found in pockets of creativity and events near you, I hope you are lucky enough find our art soon!

The Sea Ball – The Fire Inside (Watch in HD)

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Gold Coast Art


Photography by Michael Martin