Body Flow Tai Chi Workshops

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art with strong emphasis on defence techniques and has many health benefits. Tai Chi has evolved over the years in Eastern and Western societies into an effective means of alleviating stress and anxiety. It is a form of ‘moving meditation’ that promotes serenity and inner peace, while building physical and mental strength.

Tai Chi’s full name is Tai Chi Chuan, a Chinese phrase which can be translated as approximately meaning ‘supreme ultimate fist’.

It is what is known as a soft style of martial combat, putting an emphasis on relaxed muscle positions and the use of an opponent’s momentum.

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Body Flow Tai Chi workshops

Body Flow Tai Chi workshops start with Tai Chi warm ups focused on relaxation and posture alignment.

After finding one’s centre and root, the class will begin ‘Qigong’ style breathing exercises and ‘Silk Reeling’ to focus on the body moving in unison.

The workshop will also involve ‘Pushing Hands’ or ‘Tuishou’. This is a great game for practicing Tai Chi techniques. It is the gateway to experimentally understand the martial aspects of internal martial arts and is lots of fun.

Body Flow Tai Chi workshops are available throughout Australia for Schools, after school clubs and private workshops. Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.

We can guarantee a fun and educational experience into the world of Tai Chi that the students will keep for a life time.

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