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With over 12 years experience globally working with various artists and event organisers, Energy Entertainments guarantee to deliver the highest standard performances worldwide.   


Specialising in events, performances, shows, branding, creativity and art with FIRE!

Energy Entertainments are always searching for the next project and adventure, pushing the boundaries to create the next video, capture the next unique picture in a breathtaking place, collaborating with other passionate artists who are pushing the boundaries in their field.

Staying active and creative on the Gold Coast and Sydney, Australia, Energy Entertainments are able to perform worldwide for any event or occasion.

All performers are passionate and enjoy making your event the best it can be! Our goal is to create the best show possible with safe, professional experiences for everyone.

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Fire Twirling

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Fire dancing by Energy Entertainments.



As well as fire shows Energy Entertainments also offer Children’s Active Workshops to keep kids active and healthy while having fun.

These classes will focus on balance techniques, left-side right-side brain training, spacial awareness, reaction speeds, relaxation in movement and hand-eye coordination with Baton Twirling, Poi, Juggling and Kung Fu exercises. We will play games to improve all of the above techniques and refine our skills while having fun and working as a team.


Learn poi


Body Flow Team Building Workshops for adults

“Creating a stronger workforce for a stronger future”

Through research and experience, we understand the importance of creating stronger and more balanced individuals who can then contribute to form a dynamic and constructive team. The workshops are unique and lots of fun, focusing on problem solving, trust, team accomplishment and group connections.

We will create a team building experience that will benefit the company in many ways – building trust and respecting other members of the group, creating better communication skills within the team, improving organisational performance, motivation and productivity, group cohesion, improving leadership skills in different areas of the workplace, identifying a teams strengths and what to work on, developing new channels of authentic communication, creating a new wave of creativity and drive in the workplace.

Team Building Companies

Kung Fu Workouts with Energy Entertainments

Learn the benefits of External Kung Fu – Chang Quan and Internal Tai Chi. One-on-one classes available Australia wide. Local rates for Byron, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Receive the best possible personal training, ask questions and focus on your goals. One-on-one Kung Fu workouts will focus on body alignment and posture techniques, body relaxation and Qui Gong breathing exercises, core strength and Kung Fu workout exercises, practice Pushing Hands (Tui shou), learn forms (series of movements) from the Chang Quan style of Kung Fu.

Create a stronger body and mind with Kung Fu Workouts.

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