African Contemporary Dance Mash Up


Its always nice to collaborate with other performers and create something unique. Thats why when Justine Fry from Define Dance in the UK came out to stay in Australia we put together this African Contemporary Dance piece for Gold Coasts RAW Natural born Artists.

Justine Fry a professional Contemporary and African dancer, Phoebe Jessop who is an epic performer all round, with fire, contemporary dance and trained in more dance forms I even know exist and myself who loves performing, put together a 5 minute choreographed African dance and fused our own individual styles into one high energy performance. 

We have named the piece ”Define This” as it is hard to define.


This is just the start of an African show Energy Entertainments are putting together. Stay tuned for more info on this new African Fire Show hitting the Gold Coast soon.



Never take life to serious and always have fun when you can.




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