January 20, 2016

Amazing Fire Dancing

Amazing Fire Dancing is the title of this video but this should also say ‘amazing film making and editing’ by Elijah Cavanagh.

I met Eli over 2 years ago now and we have created some beautiful work together. He approached me after a fire performance and said he would love to make a fire video with me included, so I obviously agreed and the dates were set. We chose 3 locations around the Gold Coast and Mount Tamborine to shoot over a period of a few weeks and the magic began to flow. We had such a good time creating the first video ‘Amazing Fire Dancing’, we were hooked and our friendship grew.

To date our video has 34,975 views! It’s a beautiful piece with the music written for the video by Forty Thieves.

Check it out below

Our friendship and ideas have not stopped there. At the end of 2014 we began to raise money to create a documentary to find the heart of fire dancing. In May 2015, Elijah, Gabrielle (sound designer) and I flew to Hawaii to spectate and document the World Fireknife Championships and train with the best Fireknife performers in the World. Yes they dance with machete’s on fire!

Check out the Heart of Fire Documentary progress here

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