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January 22, 2015

Body Flow team building workshop

Don’t book another boring and time wasting team building exercise. Is it that time of year for your company to take part in a team building exercise to build stronger relationships while learning vital skills and having fun?


Check out Body Flow team building workshops and build the strongest team you can while laughing, playing and learning practical skills that will benefit the company as a whole and create better skilled individuals.


Why choose Body Flow?

Through studies and experience we understand the importance of creating stronger and more balanced individuals who can then contribute to form a dynamic and constructive team.


The workshop is unique and lots fun, focused on problem solving, trust, team accomplishment and group connections we will create a team building experience that will benefit the company in many ways such as:


  • Building trust and respecting other members of the group.

  • Creating better communication skills within the team.

  • Improving organisational performance and productivity.

  • To provide productivity and motivation within the company.

  • Group cohesion – To keep the group aware of the importance of its members working well together.

  • Improves leadership skills in different areas of the workspace.

  • Identifies a teams strengths and what to work on.

  • Creates a new wave of creativity and drive in the work space.

  • Construct more confident individuals with an awareness of correct body posture



Body Flow


What is involved in the workshop?


Tai Chi exercises focussed on posture alignment and body balance, baton twirling skills focused on hand eye coordination and problem solving,  poi focused on rhythm in movement and trust within the team, juggling focused on team accomplishment and concentration. Learn skills with all the equipment provided and then move on to accomplish team building games created by Body Flow.

Not only is Body Flow lots of fun and very practical, it has important key factors to mind stimulation, body balance and will create awareness to a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy productive workforce that work well together as a team there is no market your company can not dominate.

To find out more and receive a full PDF email layout of the workshop with prices, times and whats involved book or enquire today here!


Below are a few shots taken from last weeks Body Flow team building workshop held at WOTSO Workspace in Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, QLD.

Like a watch all cogs must be strong to complete a full working mechanism.

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