Body Flow Corporate Team Building Workshops by Energy Entertainments

Through studies and experience, Body Flow workshops understand the importance of creating stronger and more balanced individuals who can then contribute to form a dynamic and constructive team.


Team building


What is involved in a Body Flow Team Building workshop?


Tai Chi exercises, focussing on posture alignment and body balance, baton twirling skills focussing on hand-eye coordination and problem solving, poi control, focussing on rhythm in movement and trust within the team, juggling focussing on team accomplishment and concentration.

All equipment is provided to learn these skills. We then move on to accomplish team building games, created by Body Flow.


Not only are Body Flow Team Building workshops very practical and a lot of fun, they have important key factors to mind stimulation, body balance and will create awareness and an impact on a healthy lifestyle.


With a healthy productive workforce that work well together as a team, there is no market your company could not dominate!

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Body Flow Workshops



Body Flow workshops are unique and lots fun, focussing on problem solving, trust, team accomplishment and group connections. Body Flow will create a team building experience that will benefit the company in many ways such as:


  • Building trust and respecting other members of the group

  • Creating better communication skills within the team

  • Improving organisational performance and productivity

  • Providing motivation within the company

  • Group cohesion – awareness of the importance of members working well together

  • Improving leadership skills for different areas of the workplace

  • Identifying a teams strengths and areas to improve

  • Creating a new wave of creativity and drive in the workplace

  • Constructing more confident individuals with an awareness of correct body posture


Team Building Companies


Sections of the workshop


Tai Chi/Kung Fu warm up exercises

Dynamic warm up to stimulate various muscles, joints, posture alignment and keeping the body relaxed but connected in movement.


Baton Twirling

Focussing on problem solving skills: learn twirling techniques & movements with the batons to sharpen focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination. Once the skills are completed, game cards will be handed out to solve puzzles and problems with sticks and batons in teams.



Focussing on trust: learn how to manipulate and control the Poi to improve coordination and rhythm in movement. Once confident, the team will come together to overcome a task. The task is a partner poi scenario that requires trust and faith in the other team members.



Focussing on team accomplishment: learn how to juggle with a step-by-step easy breakdown formula. There are many benefits from juggling, it improves reflexes, peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration.

For those who can already juggle, learn partner tricks and passing the juggling balls between team members.

When juggling is mastered, the team juggling exercise will start. Teams will try and keep as many juggling balls moving around the group in one round. Once one rotation is complete, a second ball will be introduced, then a third and so on. This is just stage one of the exercise! Stage 2 will progress to more challenging scenarios…


Tai Chi

This section will focus on Pushing Hands or Tui Shou. This is a popular Tai Chi game to gain a postural advantage over your partner while maintaining your own balance. The key is to remain relaxed, focused and connected and find your partner’s centre of balance and push them off balance!

There are many benefits to this game – core strengthening and stability, balance and focus and creating a better understanding of your body posture alignment. The game is fun and can be played by anyone.


Team Building with Energy Entertainments


Warm down

Involves light stretches on muscles used during the workshop. Qi Gong style breathing relaxation exercises will relax the body and mind.

Finishing with a brief discussion and any questions regarding the workshop.


Body Flow Team Building Workshops are unique and a lot of fun. The experience of problem solving, trust, team accomplishment and group wellbeing will improve work colleagues’ connection to one another and themselves.


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