The project Heart of Fire is a collaboration between fire performer Neal Webb, creative director of Energy Entertainments, film-maker Elijah Cavanagh founder of FilmsCo and sound designer Gabrielle Fry from JPL Media. Together they will create a feature length documentary to the heart of fire dancing.

Individually they are the best in the business in their fields but together there is no stopping the action, beauty and journey they will take you on throughout the documentary. They are holding events on the Gold Coast of Australia to raise money towards the documentary and have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The Heart of Fire team have chosen the Polynesian people as their 1st stop to find the heart of fire dancing. They will delve deeper into the Polynesian culture, learn their traditions, practice the art of fireknife dance, speak to elders, learn how to forge a fireknives and build friendships along the way. All will be captured through Elijah’s lens, his previous work shows a deep beauty and connection with the people and places he visits, together with Gabrielle’s intuitive sound design and Neal’s love for life and people they will take the documentary on journey of pure involvement of their surroundings and capture the true heart of fire dancing.

Stay up to date with the Heart of Fire by visiting or Energy Entertainments Facebook page.

The Heart of Fire team promise to create a stunning documentary to the Heart of Fire dancing, please embark on this journey with us.