Fire show on a floating half pipe in the middle of Currumbin Creek for BBTC16


Yes that’s right we organised a fire show on a floating half pipe in the middle of Currumbin Creek! And boy did it go off with a bang.





Energy Entertainments collaborated with Spent Clothing and the amazing festival Buskers By The Creek and together we made it happen. Cindy Jensen, Director of Buskers By The Creek asked Energy Entertainments to come up with a Worlds 1st never been done before idea for the festival and after a couple of drinks with Cindy we had the plan made.

Next was executing the idea! Cindy arranged the crane and the barge, along with the rest of the 2 day festival, thats right I don’t know how she does it but she is an event organising machine. Spent organised the half pipe and the riders to entertain. Energy Entertainments took care of the PA System, MC-ing the event and 2 fire shows to close both days of the festival.


To make the finale extra special we set one of the bikes on fire (and nearly Sam, the rider), we had flames bellowing out of an electric guitar while Pete Tonks ripped up a heavy metal rift, we had Luke O’connell with a flaming sword shooting out 3 meter flames, director of Energy Entertainments Neal Webb created a 10 meter Catharine wheel of sparks from the boat while the fiery bike back flipped into the creek. Thats right it happened! And the whole process can be seen on the video link below. Thanks for the video production Spent, nailed it again.


Big Thanks to Impact Ramps and all the riders that took part in the weekends activities, without you it would just be a half pipe floating in the water. Big up to all the Riders; Chris James, Jaden Cadman, Tristan Aarts, Aaron Sellway, Camron Newington and all the riders from Saturdays madness.

Enjoy life, stay creative and push the boundaries. Live it to the full guys! Stay tuned for more shows and ideas by Energy Entertainments.

Chris James

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Check out another Energy Entertainments and Spent collaboration here – Video ‘Bring The Heat’ – Chris James and Neal Webb.

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