Its here!

The preview of Heart of Fire documentary is live!

Join Neal Webb on a journey to find the heart of fire dancing on Polynesian lands. Neal visited the Hawaiian Islands in search of finding the Heart of Polynesian Fireknife Warriors and witness the World Fireknife championships.


The project Heart of Fire is a collaboration between fire performer Neal Webb, creative director of Energy Entertainments, film-maker Elijah Cavanagh founder of FilmsCo and sound designer Gabrielle Fry from JPL Media. Together they will create a feature length documentary to the heart of fire dancing. Individually they are the best in the business in their fields but together there is no stopping the action, beauty and journey they will take you on throughout the documentary.

The preview speaks for it’s self.

Find out more about the fund raising, the adventure in Hawaii and the experience the Heart of Fire team were part of Here!