Heart of Fire – Polynesian Warriors – Documentary Re-Edit


Heart of Fire – Polynesian Warriors – Feature-length Documentary – Fresh New Edit

The new edit of the documentary Heart of Fire – Polynesian Warriors will be playing at NightQuarter on Saturday 3rd of November at 4 pm as part of the Island Night hosted by The Hula Hut – Polynesian Show

Come and watch the documentary and stay for a night of Polynesian dance, music and of course FIRE!

Energy Entertainments fire show 6.30pm



Fireknife Competition

Why the re-edit?

To be able to distribute Heart of Fire – Polynesian Warriors worldwide the documentary needed to be a full 52-minute feature length project. We put it back into the editing studio at Filmsco and the outcome was amazing! More incredible shots, more dance and detail from the finale of the world firknife championships and a fuller and more descriptive story with a great round up ending.

Pretty happy with the outcome and it‘s now ready to hit the screens in living rooms around the world.


Official trailer here