June 2, 2014

Indian Wedding Entertainment

Indian Wedding Entertainment.

I love performing at weddings, there is such a majestic atmosphere. We usually perform after the speeches and light up the stage and build the energy of the reception so everybody is ready to socialise and have some fun.

My previous wedding last weekend, and was an Indian wedding on the Sunshine Coast. After the Bollywood dancers had finished and the guests had eaten we performed our duo fire show outside of the marquee over looking Pelican Waters. The guests and staff loved the performance and we wished the wedding couple all the best for the future. The atmosphere was set and people danced back into the marquee with smiles on their faces and ready to start the evening party.

The weekend before we performed on the dance floor for a Greek Wedding which was a little scary performing with fire so close to the brides wedding dress, but again a 100% safety record achieved and always a happy couple.

We offer lots of shows but encourage couples to create their own theme and style for their wedding. Fire Entertainment at weddings is an amazing way to start that flame of love in a marriage.

Weddings are my favourite events for performing fire shows! I hope I get to share my passion with the guests of your wedding.

Here is a link to a photographer who’s company is called Captured Love and captured some amazing photographs of us performing for an Indian Wedding last weekend. Indian Wedding Pics

Take a look around our website to see what style you would like for your wedding? Fire twirling

May your love stay strong forever!

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