Fire dance, fire danced, fire died, fire alive. I dance, I’ve danced, I’ve never died, I feel alive with fire by my side.

Still to this day after 11 years, my wonder and passion for fire is still burning bright. I often wonder why fire captivates us so much? Everyone from indigenous tribes to modern city dwellers use fire and marvel over the dance of fire. Can you imagine being the first, the first to ever see fire? This raging, dancing, inferno of heat, eating up anything in its path.


I’ve read that Homo erectus (not erectuses) were the earliest human species to harness fire. They began to depend on fire, they cooked with fire, they warmed their families with fire and still to this day, fire is an important part of everyday survival. But some of us use fire in other ways, including dancing with it. We try to understand the flames, where will they move next and how can we flow with its dance or dance with its flow? I dance for fun, I really do enjoy it, others must like it, they pay me to do it, but what I really want to know is, why people began to dance with fire? When did it start? Why did it start? What does fire mean to them? And is anyone in control of this raging burning element?


That’s why the Heart of Fire team is on a mission to discover and film the heart of fire dancing, where it started and why it began. We started a campaign 3 months ago and this week, our idea is becoming a reality. We soon set off to Polynesian lands to find the answers we seek.


If you are interested in discovering the origin of fire dancing and learning more about the Polynesian fireknife, please follow our project. We promise to create a documentary filled with culture, fire, dance and friendships. Join our journey to the heart of fire dancing Here or There


Big thanks to everyone involved