Energy Entertainments

Energy In Motion

High-Energy Solo Fire Show


A wow-factor high-energy show with dynamic movement, dance, martial arts, gymnastics and fire 

Manipulation of  weapons and equipment on fire, combined with an uplifting playlist, this show will captivate an audience of any age or genre 

Tailored to suit any event or celebration of any size and can be performed indoors or out 

If you’re looking for a unique high impact show to amaze your guests, book Energy In Motion today

Length of show | 15-minutes
Space needed for performance
 Floor Space - 3 x 3 meters | Height - 3 meters 
Energy in Motion can be adapted to suit any requirements needed
Other Shows & Acts
Finale of Sparks
Finish any show with an amazing spectacle of sparks. This finale is cheaper than fireworks & always leaves an audiences clapping & cheering
Martial Fire
 A high-energy martial arts fire display combining flaming swords, kung fu fire fists & exciting music. A not to be missed fire extravaganza

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Energy Entertainments have a variety of shows and performers who will always present in a professional and respectful manner.

Energy Entertainments can create a show to suit your event or celebration. Any theme can be created to provide you with the entertainment you are looking for.  

Every performer has $20M Public Liability Insurance | $20M Public Property Insurance | 100% Safety Record Risk Assessments | MSDS & SWMS Forms available.

We provide a professional service from start to finish, no hassle, no bullshit, just good communication and a breathtaking spectacle every time!

We cant wait to work with you.