Man burnt in QLD while fire breathing

Yep that’s right a man inhaled fire while trying to fire breath at Burleigh Heads. Not the smartest thing to do on a Sunday night but I have seen this happen on a few occasions around the World over the past decade and its not a pretty sight.

Personally I don’t breath fire, I have but stopped when I read into the dangers of fire breathing. Without the danger of a blazing ball of flames in front of your face you also have the chemicals used to fuel the fire that are eating away at your teeth, lining your stomach and generally poising your body slowly.


Fire dancing


The most common accidents while fire breathing is inhaling the flame or burning the face. The problem is when we are surprised or shocked our natural reaction is to inhale, not a great outcome when you have a 2 metre flame coming out of your mouth. Also when we have exhaled all of our breath and our body is calling for oxygen we tend to take a deep breath in, if the fire breather has not disconnected from the spray or vapour of the fuel the fire can remain present and follow this vapour down towards the face resulting in either face burns or fire inhalation. Both are not great outcomes.

My suggestion is ‘just don’t bother’ it might look cool and it could impress a few people but when your face is melted or your airways have been burnt your not going to be looking that cool anymore.

If you are still interested in looking deeper into the art of fire breathing check out Home Of Poi’s ‘Fire Breathing Page here……

This will either put you off fire breathing for life or at least give you the knowledge and understanding of the dangers involved fire breathing.


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Dancing with fire is a very dangerous past time anyway but with good training and a lot of research you can have a fun and enjoyable time dancing with this raging element. Remember safety is the most important thing when trying to fire dance, fire twirl, fire spin etc…. But stay sober, know what to wear, have fire extinguisher and fire blanket on hand every time.

If you would like to learn the safety aspects of moving with fire please contact Energy Entertainments and we can provide you with a safe enjoyable night learning about the art and safety of fire dancing.

We do not teach how to fire breath and recommend you don’t try it.

Stay safe guys and always remain alert in any situation.

For information about fire shows on the coast check out our show page here.

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