African Children’s Choir KwaYa & Neal

Gabrielle and myself joined a workshop with the African Children’s Choir on Sunday in Mullumbimby. We were overwhelmed with the confidence, talent and love the children shared with us, we arranged a Body Flow workshop and fire show the next day in Byron with them. The whole experience was amazing and will never be forgotten, we all made a connection and one day Gabs and myself hope to rekindle our friendships in Uganda. 

The African Children’s Choir have been on tour now for 10 months and are in their final 2 weeks until they return home to their families. Marcia Gusti president of KwaYa and tour leader along with Abraham the children’s choir leader, made it possible for us to enjoy the love of dance and music together. Thank you!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can visit Uganda to join and support the beautiful people who live there, follow the links below.

By touring different countries and meeting different people the children grow and understand they can achieve great things, wherever they are from. I wish them all the best of luck and send them my best wishes, sing and dance proud kids you rock!Check out Links to

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African Children’s Choir -

Energy Entertainments Body Flow Workshops

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African childrens choir

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