March 29, 2017

Snails on the Eiffel Tower

Snails on the Eiffel Tower, a distant memory. 

This video is for Natasha Edwards. I explained to Natasha the logistics of the making of this video and the strange occurrences that lead to one shoe being stolen by armed military police.


In 2008 the Eiffel Tower in Paris lite up like a christmas tree on the hour from 6pm until midnight. We had anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes to capture the video before the lights went out.


Dressed in full ninja suits Adam Mahmoud and myself lined up the edge of the shot with our shoes, if we passed our shoes we were out of shot. We hit play as soon as the lights started and my self and Adam began to dance!


This video was take 1 of that cold night in Paris, take 3 ended with 20 or so French military police walking towards us with machine guns from under the Eiffle Tower. To say the least Adam and I absolutely shat ourselves! We didn’t know what to do or where to go so we carried on pretending to not see them approach.


As they walked passed I said ”Bonjour” and nodded my head, a few nodded and said hi but there was one funny French twat that thought it would be hilarious to steal 1…. just one of my new Timberland boots just bought for our cold winter trip around Europe to gather footage for the new company created ‘Energy Entertainments’


Snails on the Eiffel Tower, a distant memory. 

 There are more stories to come about this crazy trip around Europe in a fridge!

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