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Tribal entertainers


Get back to the roots of fire and live percussion with a Tribal Fire show by Energy Entertainments.

Exciting, fast-paced tribal dancing and beats.

Choose any number of fire entertainers and number of percussionists to lift the energy of your next event. Up to 10 fire and percussionist performers available for any show.  


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Rhythm Of Fire has performed around the world for over 5 years. Each performance has lifted the energy of the event and mesmerized the guests. 5 years of only positive feedback working with the most prestigious event organizers from around Australia and the world has left Energy Entertainments confident to take on any tribal performance of any size, in any state, in any nation worldwide.


Tribal Entertainment


Using equipment from around the world: Staffs, poi, ropes, hoops, fans, drums and incorporating martial art and synchronised dance routines, Rhythm Of Fire is an electrifying show filled with excitement and energy.



Bamboo Stage – If you like the look of our bamboo stage, you can also hire this as part of the Rhythm Of Fire performances. The performers will set up the bamboo stage and each individual bamboo stick will have fire roaring from the top.  A flaming stage that’s also an optical illusion and has an incredible Tribal effect.

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Australian show destinations

Gold Coast | Brisbane | Sydney | Byron | Noosa | Coffs Harbour | Toowoomba | Melbourne | Karratha | Perth | Mount Isa | Perth | Melbourne | Adelaide, and Nationwide.

Corporate Tribal Entertainment | Tribal Entertainers | Tribal Fire Shows | Any number of performers at your request.

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