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Providing Professional High-Energy Entertainment

Main Stage ShowsRoving Entertainment | Event Fire Signs  

We pride ourselves in providing the best entertainment possible for your event. Specialising in fire entertainment with other performance options available.

Check out our highlights video below to see what we have created in the past. 

Zoo project
African Dance GC
erin flowers
Solo acts
1920's show
Tribal entertainment
Signs on fire
R4oving charactures
fire beats duo
Roving Entertainment
Flaming Amigos 2
Abbii Roving Chevron
Martial arts
Stage shows
Music Events
Disco man
Glow : LED
Pirate and Mermaid Entertainment

Why choose Energy Entertainments?

We are passionate about creating the most exciting entertainment possible, we strive to be the best and give a professional and hassle free experience on every occasion



Themed Entertainers and Main Stage Shows

 Corporate | WeddingCircus | Tribal | Disco | Carnival | Ninja | Mermaid | Pirate | Track | Skate | BMX & More!





Finale Spectacular

Energy Entertainments offer a high impact finale with a shower of sparks and fire breathing options. A spectacular finish to a wow factor show. Book today to lift the atmosphere of your event!

Check out the video below for an example of the finale


Have the event’s name and/or logo on fire! Choose any design and we’ll make it happen

 Below is an example of an event fire sign in action!






Elegant costumes and professional dance routines. Upbeat soundtracks created for each themed performance is guaranteed to have everyone tapping their feet.

Choose the theme and we’ll do the rest





We provide entertainment for various extreme sports events.

GC 600 Super Cars | BMX events | Skate park events | FMX shows | Globe Of Death & More! Choose any number of high octane fire performers





What is Body Flow?

Body Flow Workshops concentrate on cognitive movement training while having fun. Combining circus games, martial arts, movement, yoga and activities.

Body Flow has created a fully functional workshop that focuses on mind-body awareness, reactions, balance and hand to eye coordination. Using the body, balls, batons and poi, the workshop will cover a wide range of exercises and skills to keep the team stimulated throughout.

 Choose the workshop you’re looking for below and start having some practical fun!

Corporate Team Building | Active Children’s Workshops | Kung Fu | Tai Chi | Circus



Documentray | Heart of Fire | Polynesian Warriors

Join host Neal Webb as he looks deeper in the heart of polynesian fireknife warriors at the World Fireknife Championships in Hawaii.
The project Heart of Fire is a collaboration between fire performer Neal Webb, creative director of Energy Entertainments, film-maker Elijah Cavanagh founder of FilmsCo and sound designer Gabrielle Fry from Sounds in Nature. Together they have created a feature length documentary to the heart of fire dancing. Episode 1 ‘Polynesian Warriors.

Watch Full Documentary Here

Heart of Fire - Polynesian Warriors

Heart of Fire Poster
Join Our Journey
Fire documentary
Heart of Fire filming
Fireknife history
Turtle Bay show


Energy Entertainments guarantee a highly entertaining and professional performance every time!

Read what our clients say below


  • Mary Anne Sterling, Director, MAS Entertainment

    The extraordinary and unique blend of art and grace makes this artist one of the most innovative we have seen in our business for many years.

    Neal Webb brings many aspects to the world of entertainment with his outstanding fire performances tribal drumming, team building and children’s workshops.

    Neal Webb has many facets to his work making him an idea choice for an event producer or an entertainment provider as he can package his many options over several days or provide one WOW factor show.

    I have not seen a more dedicated performer nor have I seen someone so happy to work within budgets, time frames or creative demands as Neil Webb and his fantastic team.

    I cannot recommend this artist highly enough and must say also Neil is a delightful person and a joy to work with.

    Mary Anne Sterling


    MAS Entertainment, Corporate Entertainment Specialists

    Mary Anne Sterling
    MAS Entertainment
  • Swell Sculpture Festival Team

    Every show at the Swell Sculpture Festival was an amazing experience. Starting with our launch party, Energy Entertainments entertained with a pop up bamboo stage, on fire! They had a live percussionist and a breathtaking fire show with a mind blowing finale of sparks. Energy Entertainments performed 4 fire shows throughout the festival, each was unique with different artists and themes. We highly recommend Energy Entertainments to create a breathtaking fire performance for your event.

    Energy Entertainments held 3 different workshops during the festival and we received lots of positive feedback and our organisers and their children even took part and loved it!

    Energy Entertainments would be a great asset to your event and Swell Sculpture Festival assures you, you will be entertained by professional and reliable artists.

    Kate Clark

    Swell Coordinator

  • James Frizelle's Automotive Group

    We were extremely impressed with Energy Entertainments performance for our Christmas party this year. When Lisa our event organiser told us we were having a fire dancer we did not know what to expect? We were all completely shocked when the show started and the show grew with intensity. Amazing job with so much energy and fire, would highly recommend Energy Entertainments for any event, what a great show.

    Best of luck for future shows.

    Lisa from events

  • Jayne Henry, Director & Coordinator, Aria Events and Entertainment

    Neal performs monthly for Aria Events and Entertainment, he is one of the best performers we have on our books. Professional, reliable and easy to work with, he always puts on an amazing show every time.

    I can guarantee Energy Entertainments will always provide a show that will have the audience wanting more.

    Jayne Henry

    Jayne Henry
    Aria Events and Entertainment
  • Philipp Henseler, Owner & Director, Follow Your Passion

    Neal from Energy Entertainments is an inspirational person to be around. I have watched him perform fire shows on many occasions and never does it become boring, only do I watch in awe of how he creates such a strong presence of energy with the fire. I have also attended his workshops and have learnt many beneficial key skills from Neal. Not only how to use various types of equipment, how to align my body in the correct way but also how to relax more and have more fun. If Neal is performing or holding a workshop for you, you're in for a treat.

    Follow Your Passion and Wave Of Your Life 

    Philipp Henseler
    Follow Your Passion
  • Joe Brown, Director & Web Designer, Webflow Design

    Seen Energy Entertainments/Neal perform on many occasions and it is so much fun to watch. Perfect for any event and such awesome skills in KungFu and fire dancing. Awesome!! Book a show and I promise you will not be disappointed.

    Joe Brown
    Webflow Design
  • Natasha Edwards, Director, Swell Sculpture Festival

    Well what can I say about Neal Webb at Energy Entertainments? A truly lovely person to be around, professional and very creative, a delight to work with. Neal has organised the entertainment for Swell Sculpture Festival for the last 2 years. Every show was an amazing experience, he created a pop up stage sculpture for our launch party and entertained our important guests from around the world.

    Neal also held workshops that went down really well with everyone who attended. I highly recommend Neal for any project you are creating. If you want someone sharp, reliable and professional then Neal's your man.

    Natasha Edwards

    Swell Sculpture Festival

    Natasha Edwards
    Swell Sculpture Festival
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